-Statistical Softwares-


Statistics Software Projects


Most of these are open-source software projects

General Statistics Software Packages


Others Lists of General Statistics Packages


Data Mining Software


Data Mining Lists


Design of Experiments


Design of Experiments Lists


Mathematical Computing Packages

These have some statistical and graphical functionality

Reliability Software


Spatial Statistics


Statistical Genetics

Software for genomics, microarray analysis, and bioinformatics

Statistical Genetics Lists


Time Series / Econometrics Packages


Visualization and Graphics


Other Specialized Statistics Packages


Fortran/C/C++ Libraries for Statistical Analysis


Data Conversion Software


Data Conversion Software Lists

  • DataConv - A collection of links to utilities for the conversion of software data.

Other Software Tools

  • Cygwin - A Unix environment for Windows that provides many useful Unix tools.
  • ESS: Emacs Speaks Statistics
  • Perl - The Perl language is useful for extracting and manipulating data. There is a free version for most computers.
  • Python - an interpreted, open-source language available for most platforms. Python, similar to Perl, is useful for extracting and manipulating data.